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ROAST - Made with 🖤 in Rotterdam-West

Well… what can we say! We’re four caffeine addicts coming from different parts of the world, we’ve come together to create a simple concept, make a good cup of coffee and have a good chat as well! Because we like talking! Our team of globe trotters have spent the best part of a decade learning the ways of the bean, having worked in some of the best coffee houses around the world, we wanted to bring our experience to you here in Rotterdam!

We're proud to work with

Giraffe Coffee Roasters logo

We've worked extensively with Giraffe to create a exclusive blend of South American origin. You won't find this anywhere else!

Jordy's Bakery logo

Jordy's are a Rotterdam institution, they provide our handmade loaves, filled with goodness.

The team behind JING travel all over Asia selecting the finest teas for us to brew into the perfect cup of tea for you.

Holland Jersey Milk logo

Holland Jersey care about cows, and we do too! They make sure their cows are happy, because happy cows make happy milk.

We look forward to seeing you

Middellandplein 21B - 3021 BV - Rotterdam
Tel: 010 848 47 72

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